Exclusive Services

The company performs repair and overhaul services on a wide range of aircraft parts, including generators, hydraulic and pneumatic units, CSD’s, and fuel system related parts, among others. An important and growing part of the company’s business is dedicated to APU repair and overhaul services, which the company began in 2009. Currently the company specializes in the GTCP85, GTCP36, TSCP700 and APS2000 series APU’s, with an extensive parts inventory for all variants of these models. Alpha performs field service and training for its APU clients. The company also has APU’s for sale, exchange and lease on short notice.

A.P.U. Overhaul & Repairs.

Specialization is all types of APU overhaul and repair

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Fuel Systems &
Fuel Flow Transmitter

Reliable and durable overhauling

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Plasma Spray &
Professional Welding

Cost-effective high-tech solutions

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Long-lasting and reliable component overhaul

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C.S.D. &
Pneumatic Systems

Dealt with precision and accuracy

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CNN 3D scan measurements with FARO instrument

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